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Most Android launchers permit you to access tasks that come bundled with applications. These are basically faster ways to attributes in the app, instead of the app itself. As an instance, an activitiy can connect to a playlist in a songs gamer app instead of the whole app.


What fewer (but still some) launchers allow you to do is make use of an app's surprise intent (activity) as a faster way. An intent is generally an app-level command that is made use of to cause features within an app, or in between applications. Quick Shortcut Maker APK Think of it as an unique command making an app do something.


These are typically concealed from the customer, but in fact offered with no kind of root. Read on to see how to obtain accessibility to these, and why you would certainly wish to.













These supposed intents differ from app to app. Some applications do a great deal of things using this system, others very little. As an example, my todo list app, Astrid, has an intent for opening the job modify screen.This intent is made use of by among the app's widgets to activate the full task edit display from a button in a pop-up box in the widget.


This command doesn't actually need to originate from the widget however, and also if you can locate a method to trigger it on your own, you can primarily get in the task edit display directly without going through neither the widget neither the primary app. Other instances include getting in the search page of an app straight, opening the setups straight, and more. Basically these commands open components of an app instead of the primary app-- as long as you could trigger them.


This is where QuickShortcutMaker comes in. It's a totally free app that links the void between typical activities that the majority of launchers list and these hidden commands that less launchers checklist. It will detail all the concealed commands it can find then permit you to create faster ways utilizing them. That way you could add them to your house display even if your launcher can't get to them directly.
















Not all these commands will do anything however, some can create force closes of apps, and there isn't exactly a description of exactly what they do. You may be able to guess from what they're called, yet it's often an issue of experimentation.


QuickShortcutMaker has a "try" button to allow you to do so prior to making the shortcut though, so it's rather painless. There are no assurances that the function you wish to access straight will be readily available making use of such a command, yet it does not injured to examine.


This app likewise functions fantastic with AutoShortcut, a plugin for Tasker/Locale that allows those apps to trigger activities. QuickShortcutMaker as well as AutoShotcut interacting gives Area and also Tasker access to setting off all those app commands without making use of the Send Intent attribute in Tasker, which is more complicated to set up.


This could seem like excessive hokey pokey to be worth it, but being able to directly open part of an app instead of the entire app can be better compared to you assume.


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